Who We Are

Red Moose Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard, conceived upon the belief that with consistent hard work and attention to quality on a plant-by-plant and bottle-by-bottle basis, great tasting wines can be crafted and shared.  Family, friends, and neighbors have been an integral part of this process.  

The desire and passion for providing a unique and scenic venue inspired two brothers (Red & Moose) to establish this vineyard in 2006 - this is when it all began.  Since inception, improvements and additions have been implemented year after year.  While the brothers' names are represented in this vineyard's branding; the efforts, dedication, and commitment of their wives, Kathy and Zimm, are integral in every aspect of the vineyard.  

Red Moose Vineyard was built with the goal of creating a unique venue to share their wines.  When selecting the site, soil quality was only one of the considerations the Leitners sought.  After searching numerous properties, the Leitners found the perfect location in south central Missouri's Ozarks Highland AVA with rolling hills, enticing views, and a scenic, serene spring.  It was clear this location would provide a relaxing destination to enjoy the highest quality wines. 

Happy Trails.....The Leitners